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The Chateau of Tigny is situated in the Roannais region in the Loire département « between river and canal ».

The ancient Rouannais villages date from a period of prosperity and are part of an unusual landscape and one is attracted to strolling. Outdoor activities are plentiful - canooing, biking, rambling, river tourism and gastronomy is everywhere.

The Charolais Brionnais region known for its art and history is only a step away. To be discovered more than a hundred churches, Romanesque Chapels such as Paray-le-Monial, Varennes L’Arconnce, Semur-en-Brionnais … together with other remarkable works such as the Canal Bridge of Digoin.

There are not only Romanesques gardens but also green groves, breeds of Charolaise cattle, cheeses ….a cultural heritage and a unique rural flavour.

The guest rooms at the Chateau of Tigny are ideally situated and one finds oneself at the heart of the magnificent French « petits pays ».

The 29 and a half acre property comprises a 14 and a half acre lake open to abundant carp fishing.

Nearby : a 18 holes golf -course located in the Brionnais region and a 9 holes golf-course located in the Roannais region.