1/    Compulsory Civil Liability insurance for anglers and those acccompanying them.

2/    Compulsory separation of waste.

Guests are kindly requested to provide their own waste disposal bags further recommendations will be provided on the site.

A disposal area for waste is available.

Smokers are kindly requested to dispose of their cigarette stubs (a bin will be provided)

Barbecue ashes should be disposed of.

3/    Guests are kindly requested to keep the area clean and upon departure to leave it in a clean condition.

4/    A studio equiped with kitchen, WC and shower is provided.

5/    Fires and barbecues are strictly prohibited with the exception of barbecues on wheels.

6/    Respect of the site : Nature and calm

                  Discreet shelters

The following are strictly prohibited :


All kinds of boating

Alcohol abuse on the premises

Lighting of the lake (lighting is strictly reserved for the post)

7/    Check-in time midday  onwards; check-out time eleven o’clock)

8/    Visits – walkabouts, (coming and going ) are strictly prohibited between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Visitors are requested to leave the premises at 9.p.m. at the latest.

Failure to comply with the above could lead to exclusion from the premises.

9/    Regulated parking spaces : parking spaces are compulsory for all (anglers and those accompanying and visitors).                      

Fishing Rules :

1/    Angling is to take place in allocated areas and the fish must be kept alive (i.e. no killing of the fish).

2/    Maximum number of fishing rods : 3

3/    Only hooks without barb or hooks with crushed barb are allowed

4/    The fishing rods must be carefully kept under surveillance

5/    Carp bags are prohibited even at night. Failure to comply with the above would lead to immediate exclusion.

6/    Compulsory Unhooking Mat (XXL ) regularly watered

7/    Any intended mutilation of the fish will lead to immediate exclusion from the site.

8/    The anglers should provide wound healing products for carps

9/    Photos – the fish must be watered before being photographed ; the anglers should be in a kneeling position when the photograph of the fish is taken. The fish should be on top of the unhooking mat.

10/  Forehead lamps are compulsory.

11/ Fish thieves will be prosecuted.

12/ Non compliance with the above rules will lead to permanent exclusion from the fishing site in which case there will be no reimbursement.

13/  No braided line but braided rigs allowed

14/ No fixed or tether rigs of any kind

15/ Bait boat is authorised.